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Visual Management meets the check sheet.

 Aided by technology.


In the beginning there were safety inspections. Then came preventive maintenance and ISO. The food industry adopted HACCP. How many check sheets do you keep track of?


Run a store? Do your folks follow an opening checklist and closing checklist? Are duties accompanied by check sheets? Does your housekeeping staff track what’s been done in each room? How can you find the right form?


Run a maintenance program? Keeping track of those PM check sheets can be a challenge! Did you use the most up-to-date sheet for this inspection?


Looking for a better way, a simpler way? These days, we all carry mobile phones and most are web enabled. What if you could transfer those check sheets to your web enabled phone and use a LEAN visual management technique to make your life simpler.


Create your first check sheet in minutes for FREE. Try it on for size. If you find it’s simple and easy to use, we’ve done our part.


Making your life simpler is what this site is all about.



Sample Checklists